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The Project

What is the project all about?

The Sport and Event Volunteering Project is a county wide project supporting Suffolk's campaign to become England's 'Most Active County', through the continued development of event volunteering opportunities throughout Suffolk.

Project Background & Achievements

Celebration Booklet

Since starting out as the Suffolk 2012 Volunteering Legacy Project (in 2010-11), the project has developed to support a wide range of events, organisations and charities, throughout the last 5 years.

Suffolk had over 200 volunteers (Games makers) involved with the 2012 Olympic & Paralympics, with a large number actively involved with this project. As well as individuals inspired by large scale sporting events, the project is keen to support a wide range of individuals in finding suitable volunteering opportunities.

Over 260 events have been supported by the project's volunteers, with an estimated 9,500 volunteer hours provided, ranging from large scale events such as the Great East Swim, Cancer Research Race for Life and Ipswich Half Marathon to smaller community events requiring just a handful of volunteers.

Check out the events calendar and sign up today!

BRAND NEW WEBSITE being launched in 2017 - visit www.volunteersuffolk.org.uk to see more volunteer opportunities (including event based) throughout Suffolk


What are the specific aims for the project?

Specific targets include:

  • Promotion (Volunteering Opportunities)
    • Increase range of volunteering opportunities within sport, arts, culture & heritage
    • Develop project based volunteering opportunities, working with local communities
    • Maintain Events Calendar with latest opportunities
  • Recruitment (Volunteers throughout Suffolk
    • Attract new volunteers from diverse range of backgrounds making events more accessible
    • Particular focus on young people, disability groups and retired individuals
  • Support, Development & Training
    • Support & Development of Good Practice - Working with Event Organisers to actively promote positive experiences and support when working with volunteers (Management of Volunteers)
    • Development of 'project based' and 'regular sports volunteering' strands
    • Train and support events volunteers to develop skills and experience

So who is this project for?

The project is for anyone (volunteers):

  • Living or working in Suffolk.
  • Inspired to get involved and give something back to the local community.
  • Who would like the opportunity to gain and develop new skills, receiving the latest training opportunities.
  • Including experienced existing volunteers, who'd like to help out at one-off events alongside existing commitments.
  • Inspired by major sporting events locally, nationally and internationally.

Event Organisers

The project has supported a diverse range of local community events and would like to hear from any:

  • Sport, cultural or community organisation looking for new volunteers or looking to improve the experience of your current volunteers or expand a section of your club but in need of additional support
  • A sport,cultural or community organisation that is looking to get more ‘hooked into' the rest of the volunteering sector or
  • An organiser of a current sporting, cultural or community event in the county

To find out more about how we may be able to help you, please Contact Us


What about Equality and Diversity?

The project is committed to having a positive impact on sport & cultural volunteering in Suffolk. Central to this is to help encourage new people to try volunteering and to experience the benefits that can result.

We are committed to encouraging volunteers from all parts of our community irrespective of gender, ethnicity, race, disability, religion, age or sexual preference. We expect this same approach from volunteers and volunteer involving organisations who are involved with the project.

More specifically this means:

  • That all volunteers involved in the project are treated equally in terms of being given the opportunity to benefit from volunteering and to access the project
  • That individuals are not excluded from involvement on the basis of a protected characteristic as defined by the terms of the Equality Act 2010
  • That volunteers and volunteer involving organisations (Event Organisers) are required to work in a non-discriminatory manner as part of the project
  • That concerted efforts are made as part of the project to involve under-represented groups in terms of volunteering – including BME groups, People with disabilities and Young People.